Regal Partners first began in 2006 as The Regal Group, LLC by then Managing Partners Juan Alaya, a former international investment banker and Ana Esperza, an immigration attorney. The original Partnership was engineered with the intent of providing foreign investment funds into the United States for capital intensive commercial ventures by way of the Government's EB5 program. The partnership first proved unsuccessful for a variety of reasons. First, the EB5 program had many obstacles including regulatory ramifications, tax constraints, and specific demographic or geographical criteria that had to be met. Second, it eliminated most investments by process of elimination. Third, its original partnership base was limited to only Latin American investors by its founders, Lastly, not all foreign investors were motivated by U.S. Citizenship. America had a problem, there were companies and investment opportunities that needed foreign capital, yet had barriers to receive access to investment from sources worldwide, and this epidemic became further exaggerated by the impending recession unfolding in 2008.The solution was to adapt a business model that satisfied foreign investor demands and met compliance within the framework of OPEC or Patriot Act laws. It was here when Regal Partners was born. Investors from Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Latin America partnered to form a partnership alliance into a pooled equity trust which would exchange securities by divesting commitments through its American special purpose vehicles. Capital Commitments could flow tax free through its partners International Business Corporation and United States corporations were purchased with debentures convertible into equity for foreign investors.


Regal Partners

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