Investors contemplating Partnering with Regal Partners want to know they are dealing with competent acquisition professionals. In order for our partners to consider a proposed investment into a target subject company seeking partnership with us, we require a complete extensive certified business valuation at the inception of our engagement performed by our partners at the expense of the targeted entity. We base our premise of value on a justification of purchase price test as a quantifiable means to check an appropriate indication of value using the available cash flows belonging to the targeted business. Generally an acquirer investing will provide a certain level of funds as a down payment and the balance in the form of a term loan. This justification of purchase test in our valuation determines if we pay can pay back the purchase, based on the assigned debt and equity mix by financing the transaction or paying all cash at a discount to the purchase price. This strategy coupled with our international Investment Banking reach and prowess is the hallmark of our success. Our Managing Partners have foreign relationships domiciled in Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe of which are always seeking profitable investment opportunities or partnerships in the United States of America. Once Regal Partners is engaged with a formal retainer deposit we will evaluate on behalf of the newly acclimated partners targeted companies for a proposed investment and take a small minorityequity position after performing a certified valuation. For more information, please visit our Q A Link or for a biography of Regal Partners go to the Team Link.


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